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Yoga for Healing Neck and Shoulders, Aug. 25th 11:30am-12:45pm  with Dr. Amie Wells.  Chiropractor and yoga teacher, Amie Wells gives a yoga class specifically for posture and relieving stress in the Upper back, neck and Shoulders. Learn how to stretch and strengthen the muscles that support these common tension holding areas in the body, 

Introduction to Fasting

with Cathy Johnson C-IAYT 

Sunday August 19th


A gentle, guided 1/2 day fast with restorative yoga & meditation

     Fasting, or periodically abstaining from food, might have got its name because the practice was found to make you healthy “fast”.   Yogis have used this time-tested and natural technique for thousands of years. To be useful, it must be approached cautiously. Nature works best gradually and doesn’t do well with sudden changes.


   We;ll take the afternoon to learn about the benefits of fasting, while actually putting it into practice. The day includes: Fasting teas, restorative yoga and meditation, and an optional take home miso soup for the evening as well as informational handouts. 


Fasting is for:  people in general good health, not pregnant or nursing, and over 18. Its also wise to ask your doctor first if you are not sure.

with  Cathy Johnson, yoga therapist (C-IAYT), has been practicing yoga for 18 years. She found that a small amount of fasting on a regular basis had a positive impact on her health while living for a year at Satchitananda Ashram, a place for intensive yogic study and immersion. 

Creativity Lives in the Body

Saturday, September 1st


Explore the body’s self-healing creative expression with yoga therapy techniques and intuitive painting. Reconnect to your intuition, innate wisdom and wild & free creativity through this embodied practice.

No Yoga or Art experience necessary. The only prerequisites are a willingness to let go of analytical thinking and a sense of adventure.

25$ Please RSVP

with Cathy Johnson, C-IAYT Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and life-long artist