Our  yoga teachers and their teaching styles-

Invigorating Yoga with Julie  

Saturdays and Sundays 10am

Julie has been teaching yoga at The Zen Room for 14 years. Her love of yoga, knowledge of the body and enthusiasm are felt in her classes. Focus is on major muscle groups with internal focus and deeper awareness and any area that may be of concern to you on that particular day. This class is best with some prior yoga experience.


                                  Gentle Yoga with Ruby- beginners welcome!

                                   Tuesdays 9:30am

    Ruby is a Holistic Health Coach board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She is a certified Yoga Teacher by the Chopra Center of Well-being. She is also an Ayurveda Yoga Health Educator through the American Institute of Vedic Studies, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Ruby has many passions including Art, Science, Philosophy, cooking and an advocate for children. Ruby also offers Wellness Programs,Workshops, and Yoga Classes with a holistic approach.

    Ruby’s intention is to help individuals enhance their ability to achieve their health goals and overcome life challenges. She also provides educational tips on foods, herbs, and ways of natural detoxification

that are right for your body-type and much more. She works with community members,

corporate clients, and individuals to nurture well-being.

Ruby offer Yoga classes that are informative, inspiring, and empowering. In class, we move smoothly from one pose into the next at a medium pace. Modifications are offered for each pose first,

which allows you to work at your own level of fitness. Most importantly, Ruby invites you to take your practice deeper as you feel inspired by your own experience, skills and understand of the

Yogic teachings. In these classes you are encouraged to know directly the vast benefits of your Yoga practice.

                                            Vinyasa Style Yoga with Lorraine

                                            Thursdays 9:30am

Lorraine Koss has been teaching for more than 10 years and is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher certified in Vinyasa style.  Her practice has been shaped by and emphasizes alignment and agility for the spine.  It's a particularly good therapy for anyone with back issues.

Lorraine moved here from Alexandria, Va., where she taught yoga in several studios while maintaining a career in the water environment.  Currently, she chairs the Brevard County Save Our Indian River Lagoon Citizen Oversight Committee and the Utilities Advisory Board for Cocoa.  Her husband Larry works at NASA and she has two sons.


Gentle Yoga with Birgit       -

  Wednesdays 6pm

Hello, I have been practicing different stiles of yoga for several years, and I felt that one day I would like to teach it.  I  teach Gentle Yoga for beginners and for the baby boomers. I would love to see you at a class at The Zen Room, in Cocoa Village.

Evening Yoga with Jeanne- Beginners welcome!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm

Jeanne has been practicing and studying yoga for over 10 years. She has completed her  200-hr yoga teacher training in the Integral Hatha Yoga style and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  Jeanne is delighted to share the practice in a way that is accessible for all, encouraging everyone to find the yogic union among body, breath, mind, and spirit.

Alignment and Breath focused yoga with Amie

Mondays at 6pm Align and Breathe

Dr. Amie Wells, Chiropractor and Auryuvedic practitioner, offers Monday evening yoga based on safe and steady alignment and breath (pranayama) practices. 

Gentle Yoga with Lorien

Wednesdays 9:30am

                and 4:30pm

Lorien Neargarder holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is a certified yoga therapist who specializes in working with chronic pain and cancer. A California native, she taught yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area for 13 years at various locations, such as corporations, schools, yoga studios and hospitals. She practiced yoga therapy at Stanford Hospital’s Cancer Supportive Care program, Kaiser Permanente’s Pain Management and Rehabilitation Program and developed a thriving program that partnered yoga studios with a Bay Area cancer support organization. Her own yoga experience began in 1999, where she immediately found relief from chronic pain and she eventually left engineering to teach yoga full time in 2004. In addition to weekly classes, Lorien has produced a yoga DVD, she writes a monthly blog and leads yoga teacher training courses. She is enormously grateful to her education, life experiences and the wisdom of her teachers, who help inform her as she uses yoga to transform the lives of those suffering from pain and illness. For more about Lorien, please see her website:

Yoga with Dawn

Dawn has been a student of yoga for over 25 years. After years of practice she began teaching after completing her 200 (RYT) hour Hatha Yoga Certification form the Aura Wellness Center in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Dawn embraces Hatha Yoga in its totality incorporating the use of breath to connect the mind and body through physical postures (asanas), mindful breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation to achieve relaxation and a balanced body - mind state of being. This practice can reduce and release the stress and anxiety that many of us carry with us.

Yoga with Cathy   


Cathy Johnson  has been practicing and teaching yoga for 17 years.  She was introduced to yoga at a pivotal moment in life, as a troubled, depressed and anxious teenager trying to cope with the stress of survival. Since then, yoga and meditation practice have played an integral part in her learning to ride though the ups and downs of the adventure of life.  She has a passion to return this gift and share yoga practice with all who are in need of peace, ease and health.   She has as BA in Psychology specializing in Behavior Analysis from UCF and in 2014, she studied to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, a  800hr graduate level study intersecting the field of yoga, western psychology, and healthcare.

Private Sessions and Private Group sessions are also available. Please see the link for online scheduling for private sessions on the Scheduling and Prices page.

"Yoga, for me, is a time for focusing on the physical changes that have occurred with maturing.  Strengthening and cleansing comes with patient practice. It even feels like an internal massage." - Clara

"Starting to practice Yoga at age 54 is a huge challenge. While I struggle, Cathy has been inspiring, supporting and encouraging. Her clarity and enthusiasm make every practice a unique and rewarding experience. As a mature woman, I find Cathy’s movements exceptionally smooth, easy to follow, and non-injurious to my body. I go home feeling strong, stretched, and energized.  Being a recent beginner of yoga I entered the class with the objective of losing weight, it has completely transformed into being something entirely different. I didn’t even think seriously that a series of movements could have any impact on my anxiety. Now I do yoga as something that is definitely more effective on my peace of mind than on my body (although I am seeing results there as well) . Not ever having practiced yoga before, I really was not sure what to expect. I am leaving with a sense of peace and relaxation that I did not think was possible in my life." - Karen

 "I have been practicing yoga for only a short time but it has been a great experience. I have more energy and feel healthier." - Janean Knight

"As a 50+ woman, yoga class at The Zen Room has increased my flexibility and overall sense of wellbeing." - Pamela Davidson.

"I always leave the class feeling relaxed and stretched." - Gracie Villanueva-Riggs